The C-Enduro is a robotic machine that is used for helping scientists discover why there
are so many predators in the Celtic Sea, located off the coast of Ireland. The C-Enduro is
powered by solar energy, wind energy, and has a diesel engine. It can last in the Sea for
3 months. It is equipped with several go-pro cameras and has marine mammal detectors.
It weighs 771 lbs. The maximum speed for the C-Enduro is 8mph.


Reverse Engineering Project

Toy: Galaxy Robot
7A6 Adam before.jpg

7a6 adam exp.jpg

Motion Displayed

  • Rotary Motion
  • Linear Motion
  • Oscillating Motion
  • Reciprocating Motion

Mechanics That Create Motion

  • Rotary to Reciprocating


  • Crank
  • Ratchet
  • Gears
  • Linkages

Google Sketchup

7a6 Adam F block 1jpg.jpg
Block 1

7a6 Adam F block2jpg.jpg
Block 2

7a6 Adam F block4.jpg
Block 4