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TV Production

Have you ever heard of a tiny electric pickup truck? Well it’s true. Nissan had built a unique pickup truck in Nissan’s Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona. It’s based on the Frontier and Leaf car design that is combined into one truck. Isn’t that cool combining two different designs into one! The front of the car has the stock Leaf and since it’s also supposed to be a truck, the workers picked the Frontier bed for the trunk because of its size. The truck isn’t a big truck that most car companies have. The truck is more of a tiny or smaller size so now it’s easier to drive it around to places. The pick up truck also has a light treatment for the rear part of the car with a gear ground lights and set of rails. The workers made this car to be electrical, and this helps us by not polluting the air with bad chemicals. Some humans don’t even realize that they are polluting the air so much from all the gas they use for cars so this is very good for our future if everyone tries to use useful electric cars more often.

Reverse Engineering Project

Toy:Green Alligator
7a6 nora.jpg

7a6 nora exp.jpg

Motion Displayed
Mechanism That Creates that Motion
Crank slide
Rotary Motion

Design Problem

Google Sketchup

7a6nora a block 1.jpg
block 1

7a6nora a block 2.jpg
block 2

7a6nora a block4.jpg
block 4