LED Lighting
LED lights are semiconductor divise that produce visabel light when a elctricle currentr has past through them Most LED lighting is made from aluminum, gallium, aluminum and arsenide to witch impurities been added .The impurities have determines the color of LED light. Green blue and red are included. . LED lights are seen and used in electronic devices such as, digitel clocks, computer displyas, and laser printers . LED lights are exspensive compared to other lights.

Reverse Engineering

7A6 ella before.jpg

7A6 ella exp.jpg

Motions Observed
  • Rotary
  • Linear Motion
  • Oscillating Motion

Motion Transformations
  • Rotary to reciprocating

  • Gears
  • linkages
  • crank

Google Sketchup

7A6 Ella P Block 4 skp

7A6 Ella P Block 2 skp

7A6 Ella P Block 1 skp