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First billboard with homeless shelter build inside

Design develop says it's concept for billboard homes was initially planned in 2013, and was finally presented publicly this year. They expected the idea to come along eventually but instead they started seeing it in blogs and newspapers. So they decided to put out more information about their concept. The shelters are triangular held up upon stilts. The floor space was split into 2 sections, one for sleeping and living, and the other for a bathroom and extra storage. "Wooden wall facing looks modern and comfortable, but at the same time it’s not expensive," explains Martin Lee Keniz of DesignDevelop. They are thinking it will cost 41,000 euros (50,840 us dollars) to produce a prototype plus an additional 60,000 euros (74,400 us dollars) to create an additional off-grid version. 10 shelters are estimated to be built by 2015.


Reverse Engineering Project

toy- crawling soldier
7a6 jayci.jpg


Motion observed
Mechanisms that create this motion
rotary motion

linear motion

oscillation motion

3D Printer

Google Sketchup

7a6 Jaycie G block 1.jpg
Block 1

7a6 Jaycie G block 2.jpg
Block 2