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TV Production

Spray on bandages allow wounds to be looked at without damaging the wound. It is a clear gel that is giving oxygen to the wound to heal. It is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. This bandage will soon be able to monitor pH, bacterial levels, disease markers and could also put medication into the would when applied. It is made of phosphors and reference dye, it dries into a thin film in about a minute. When the bandage dries against the skin, it keeps the film underneath from coming in contact with the oxygen in the air. The only oxygen that it's being exposed to is coming from the patients body tissue.


-Lee Burneson Basketball

Reverse Engineering Project

Toy: Train
7a6 tyler.jpg
Before I deconstruct the toy

7a6 tyler exp.jpg
After I killed the train and put it in a explosive view

Motions Displayed
Mechanisms that create these motions


Google Sketchup

7A6TylerK Block 1.jpg
Block 1

7A6TylerK Block 2.jpg
Block 2