Jack Krupa
Sea team

TV Production

The Pars prototype. A lifesaver deploying machine, created by RTS lab. This is one idea that could have easily been scrapped but is now a prototype. This new prototype was tested on the Caspian sea. It managed to fly for 10 minutes at top speed or 10 m/s. With this time and speed it has the capability of covering 2.8 miles without recharging. This will make the Pars great for emergencies along the coastline or by boats. Also while on a trial to a target 75 meters away it reached it in 22 seconds. This is great compared to the 91 seconds it took a lifeguard. As well as being faster than the normal lifeguard the Pars can also hold several life savers. So it can save multiple people in one area. And although this does have many useful functions the RTS team still wants to add some features before releasing this to the public. Some of these features include faster speed, a ability to land on water, and artificial intelligence that process images and sounds.


Reverse engineering project

Toy: Army solider crawler
7a6 jack k.jpg
Before being destroyed

7a6 jack K exp.jpg
Exploded view (Destroyed view)

Motion displayed mechanisms that create motion.
*Rotatory motion *Gears
*Oscillation motion *Crank
*Linear motion *Belt drive

Problem solution

7A6 JackK block 1.jpg
Block 1

7A6 JackK block 2.jpg
Block 2

7A6 JackK block 4.jpg
Block 4