T.V. Production

Branto. This new home system allows you to have video conferencing, full remote presence, security, audio streaming, and a smart house keeper. Branto allows you to view your home in a 360 degree fashion by only swiping to the left or right on your smart phone or tablet. Branto alerts you when they spot danger in your home on your smart phone and will call the cops if you click the button call cops. It will also help you when your away on a fancy vacation by showing up in the conference in one sec then you can in joy the rest of your vacation. You can also control your house with truing on the air conditioning when your away and turn on your dogs favorite TV show just by a simple button. You can turn on your favorite song. It also has a light changer on it so your kid wont be scared of the dark no more.

7a6 max picture2.jpg7a6 max picture1.jpg7a6 max picture3.jpg


Reverse Engineering Project

Toy: ladybug
7A6 max before.jpg

7A6 max exp.jpg

Motion Displayed

  • Irregular
  • rotary
  • intermittent
  • oscillating

Motion transformation

  • Rotary to reciprocating


  • gears
  • cranks
  • linkages
  • ratchet

Google sketchup

7a6 max n block 1jpg.jpg
Block 1

7a6 max n block 2 jpg.jpb
Block 2

7a6 max n block 4JPG.jpg
Block 4