TV Production

Charging phones and flashlights without electricity. You can now charge an iphone by just setting the iphone on a shelf that is connected to an outlet. You do not plug the phone into anything, it automatically charges on the shelf. You can also plug in any kind of phone to a solar powered battery that is powered by sunlight. It can charge anykind of smartphone instantly without having to use an outlet. Also there is a flashlight that is powered by your're body heat. It never uses batteries it only works when you're hand is on the flashlight because it needs you're body heat to work. Things like these save alot of power by not using any kind of electricity out of an oulet and not wasting batteries out of a flashlight.

Reverse Engineering Project

Toy: White/black robot
7A6 michael before.jpg


7a6 michael expl.jpg

Motion observed

  • Rotary Motion
  • Linear Motion
  • Reciprocating Motion
  • Oscillating Motion

Motion transformations

  • Linear to Oscillating