What is Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle is the principle that waste is a valuable resource in the wrong place. Most people believe we should see nature as our role model, and try to keep our material flows in cycles. But that all starts with "cradle to grave" which is another principle that implies that humans use our earth for raw materials, as if natural resources were infinitely available. We extract them, make products out of them, then once we're done we dispose them. The unfortunate norm that usually happens when we dispose, our leftovers end up in place other than garbage, then it becomes liter, which if you didn't know already, causes toxic consequences for not just our earth but for the health of humans as well.

In my opinion I feel that this video applies to the solar panel project because it associates with the idea that humans should be more conservative of our earths resources. A solar panel relates to earth friendly ways because you are not using man made energy, but powering an object naturally. With solar panels you are using the suns high supply of sunlight to power whatever it is you are working with.

Team work

Like most students or young adults, graduating from college leaves you wondering what you want to do. For example,
"Like most 25-year-olds, Julia Rozovsky wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life. She had worked at a consulting firm, but it wasn’t a good match. Then she became a researcher for two professors at Harvard, which was interesting but lonely. Maybe a big corporation would be a better fit. Or perhaps a fast-growing start-up. All she knew for certain was that she wanted to find a job that was more social. ‘‘I wanted to be part of a community, part of something people were building together,’’ she told me. She thought about various opportunities — Internet companies, a Ph.D. program — but nothing seemed exactly right. So in 2009, she chose the path that allowed her to put off making a decision: She applied to business schools and was accepted by the Yale School of Management".

https://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/28/magazine/what-google-learned-from-its-quest-to-build-the-perfect-team.html?_r=0&utm_source=Gapingvoid+Daily+Email&utm_campaign=34762a9e07-%231978+%22Everybody+Participates%22+November+15%2C+2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c141d052e6-34762a9e07-262159382&mc_cid=34762a9e07&mc_eid=bbb308db6c - weblink

How do solar panels work?

  • What is light? You can think of it as the flow of tiny particles called photons protruding from the sun
  • What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules? One major physical barrier to using solar cells and modules is the factor that solar energy is unevenly distributed around the planet. Another barrier or possibility is if the sun reflected instead of absorbed, the photons energy is lost, meaning it won't produce the light anymore.
  • What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy? One major social and political barrier to using solar energy is companies obsession with their social que, meaning it would basically indicate more money spent.
  • What are most solar cells made from? Silicon
  • Does an electron have a positive or negative charge? Negative
  • How long can solar cells last? It could last for decades
  • Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts? Only half of a volt
  • How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells? Only 15-20% efficient
  • How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid? Over 1 billion people don't have access

Google sketchup - block #1

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block #1

Orthographic sketches

Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

Not all IQ is based off of talent, physical and non physical characteristics and abilities. Many tests and experimentation's can prove that theory, but rather it's based off of the title, passion and perseverance towards long term goals and having a set objective for your future, this is also known as Grit. Grit is a foundation to help kids find that target, to not only discover it but to help the risk of students dropping out because of the lack of ideas to find this passion and to find this purpose. In my opinion, I feel this is a great opportunity for many students around the world to have a brighter future. But in my case, I feel Grit does not apply to me, I have not found that aspiration just yet, but I still have time and I will continue to put forth my best effort to find it, and possibly help someone else dealing with that struggle try to obtain their ultimate life goal.

Where good ideas come from

Good ideas do not always come easily nor without any hard work involved. Good ideas may take longer to come, depending on who you are and what your work ethic is, good ideas or thoughts may or may not take, possibly, years to come. Good ideas could even be formed with the help of others, that's why it could perhaps be taking you so long to achieve that million dollar idea. If you still can't grasp the good thought, as an alternative excuse, it could be because of too many distractions, such as social media or just electronics in general.

In my opinion, good ideas do not always come easily, but need some thought given to them. For me, I don't have acquire good ideas frequently, mostly because I don't try to. Sometimes, they will come easy, like if i'm running out of time do something, and I absolutely need to think of something quick, they will come to me speedy.

What's next in 3D printing

Various objects or healing devices have already been three dimensionally printed, so what else is there to make? Possibly edible 3D printing, such as a cake, 3D printed, except its completely compatible with the human internal system. A wide selection of people, smart and those who are not so bright, agree and disagree on this theory. Those people believe 3D printing will be the end of manufacturing as we know it. But others believe it is just the beginning, like a new opportunity to manufacturing, not so much the end.

I believe that it could indeed be an introduction to a new era of manufacturing. It's not important to me personally, but I believe anything could be possible, technology wise, considering our knowledge. It may be going on as we speak, and I think the future could be changed and improved.

Can 100% renewable energy power the world?

Most of the world has and is using and polluting our earth. By not just using up our oil consumption but also using our electricity, which is basically handed to us, except we don't acknowledge it. We very often take our (limited) resources for granite, when we just have our sun to do all the work for us without running out for a while from now. Many inventions that no one necessarily is aware of just yet, but could save our future.

In my perspective, I outlook solar energy and anything earth friendly in general, extremely important. Many prime variables to making this earth into a better place, people need to take advantage of, not only for the sake of the earth and future generations to come, but for our safety and our loved ones from the future that we may not yet know of yet. So yes, I do trust in renewable energy power for the world, and the long lasting affects yet to come with it.