Movie #1: This movie is about how good ideas are made. It also talks about how they can be hidden away deep in your mind, waiting to come out. Your ideas can be made from your idea and someone else's idea. If together, they can make a great idea, and possibly change the world. I think that the speaker in this video did a really good job on helping people understand good ideas and how they're made. He described it both vocally and physically. His drawings were really clear and his voice illustrated it if you didn't understand the drawings.

Movie #2: This movie is about 3D printing. 3D printing is the process of taking something from your computer into real life. You can print just about anything you desire, because complexity doesn't matter. They are starting to make it so you can print a more wide variety of stuff, such as food. They also said that the food may be chosen to your wants or needs, such as nutrition or vitamins. In my opinion, 3D printing is a cool subject and I wish to do it more. I've done it once for this Tech class and it was fun. I got to print a racecar. 3D printing would be useful if we could build the technology to be able to actually print food, because it can help the world. Maybe it can cure world hunger, and keep everyone healthy. It can be set to have it make a healthy diet, but make it something that you enjoy.

Movie #3: This movie is about our usage of nonrenewable resources, such as oil or coal. These are being used up way to fast, and we don't have that long until they're completely used up. The oil is estimated to be gone in 50 years, and coal is estimated to be gone in 100 years. Those are just estimates, and at any time that can spike and happen sooner, unless we do something about it. It talked about how we can use something else to power the earth and everything else. In my opinion, this is a smart idea. We can use the sun to power stuff. We use oil for most things, where we can be using natural resources which can be renewed. Yet, we're still using oil to power everything.

Orthographic Drawing Instructions
  • In the video I watched, they talked about Grit, and how it's about making long term goals and striving for them. I do think that I have grit. I want to either join the Marine Corps when I get older or become a Tech Engineer. I've learned a little bit of coding a couple of years ago. I'm really fast at typing, and I know lots about the government. I also know a lot about the army and marines and the military. I do want grit. It will help me strive for my goals and know that I have a future somewhere, rather then going out into the world unprepared and ending up working for minimum wage.