Cradle to Cradle:

This video was about how people take natural things from the earth, we use it, and as soon as we are done we throw it away or waste it. They say that in order to fix this we can try to eliminate waste as much as we can. In order to do this they tell us to be aware of two things, the biological and technical. Biological things wear down the objects need to be biodegratable without emitting harmful wastes. Technical stuff unbiodagratable and should be prevented from entering the environment. In conclusion to reuse as much as we can.

I thought this video had goods points about reusing objects that can be reused to help the earth become less polluted. Though, there were good points I still feel like these unless people watch this video and really pay attention to what they throw away then these effects will continue to occur. Also, our current day people can be really lazy and chose to take the easy way out which is throwing things in the trash, which cause these landfills to grow and the waste takes over. I remember at the beginning of this unit you said the cars were to be made out of recyclable material and today when we took these cars apart I saw that these materials , except for the straws, were all able to be recycled or reused.

Team work:

When, first read the title of this, I thought they were either going to say in order to be a functioning group you need to have these characteristics, which normally they do say in these stories and my immediate thoughts were this would never work for everyone, I mean there isn't a mathematical formula to the perfect group, it depends on the person. I soon figured out that it wasn't going to be like that. It did start out with me thinking, oh she had trouble figuring out what she wanted to do and it lead me to think her group was going to perfect, which it wasn't. She said it gave her "stress"(From what google learned from its quest to build the perfect team, paragraph 4, sentence 1), which I can relate to because sometimes groups that either my teacher gave me or I chose gave me stress because I found myself doing most of the work. She also said her group she was originally put into was made up of people with common functionalities and traits and she did not enjoy that because she felt like she had to "prove herself", (From what google learned from its quest to build the perfect team, paragraph 4, sentence 2) and I don't think I had this problem in groups because the groups we are put into are mostly pure random. Then later in the passage she decided to join a new group that was build for competitions and the groups were made up of different kinds of majors and I thought that this sort of diversity was perfect because different people bring different Ideas and different ways of thinking and she liked having an easy going group because that is how she is and others like it stricter, so in my opinion I'd be more like her but, it is never set in stone. Link: What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

How do solar panels work?

How many people in the world don'r have the access to a reliable electric grid: About one billion people don't have access to a reliable electric grid.
How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells: 440 kWh of energy per year
Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts: A silicon cell puts out about 0.5 to 0.6 volts.
How long can solar cells last: Solar cells can last up to 25 years but they have seen decades too.
Does an electron have a positive or negative charge: An electron has a negative charge.
What are solar cells made from: Solar cells are found in silicon which have the things needed for these solar panels.
What are the major social and barriers to using solar energy : The major social and political barriers to using solar energy is the cost of making an abundant amount of these solar panels. Also, with all this money being used by the government to make these energy sources they could of solved some of the other US problems.
What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules: The major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules are the access to sunlight, meaning that many places don't have constant exposure to sunlight and they can't just have the power in a house shut off. The other reason is the fact that some of the objects used to make these solar panels are quite rare.
What is light: The dictionary defines light as "the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible."

Google Sketch Up Block #1:
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Block #1

Can 100% renewable energy power the world?
In this video a man talked about how renewable energy will not likely power the world though there are ways that I that tried to benefit our needs. I can agree of this although I wish it were different due to the fact in the video, that oil will have ran out in about 50 years and coal will have ran out in about 100 years. I was also convinced when he said that humans can build devices to capture enough energy for use but the cost would just be too much to build it and they would need a lot more support. In my conclusion, I think there has to be a better way to generate power that will not consume as much money or damage the environment, but could be safe and long lasting.
Whats next for 3D printing?
This ted talk is about a man taking about how he helped make an exo-skeleton fitted for a female body to make it more comfortable and he explained how 3D printing is going to help other medical issues. I think that 3D printing would be better used for these medical and engineering issues instead of toys for kids. These 3D printed items could allow people to feel more comfortable when doing everyday activities. 3D printed devices are making other engineering type of objects that could make it cheaper, all though I'm not sure how safe it would be.
Where do Ideas come from?
This video explains how Steven Johnson thinks there is a pattern when it comes to ideas. He believes that ideas come from hunches that are started off by itself and later are combined or mashed with other hunches to form ideas or other people's thoughts. I feel like that is not always the case, sometimes ideas are just caused by things in your life that lead you to think of something or investigate further. Then again it is very possible that this you get a hunch and then your thoughts and someone else's are joined to make a new idea.

What is Grit?

Grit is having perseverance when don't get such a good grade on a assignment and you say to yourself, I can fix this and make this all better. I feel as though grit is a skill that can be formed to be stronger and stronger, but you aren't just born with it. I think I have strong grit mainly because I don't have the time to sulk around about it I can only get passed it and cope wit it. I know many people who needed to have strong grit when they didn't have it they felt like they were letting themselves down. But they needed to find some sort of way to see that they needed to keep going. In conclusion, I think that I do have grit and that I think there are different levels of it in situations.

Orthographic Sketching