What is cradle to cradle ?
Before the idea of cradle to cradle we where being very wastful and it wasnt effecting the planent in a good manner. We where running out of materils and needed more so we thoght of a soultion . And came up with cradle to cradle.

Cradle to cradle is the idea that everything is recycable and to make that a reality. so if we do this then we could keep earth from running out of the things we need. Like the solar car dissmantal we recycled .


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What is grit?

Angela was a teacher. He noticed that the kids that had good grades didn't learn from their mistakes. They didn't strive to get better at what the didn't get. She also noticed that the kids that DIDN'T get good grades. They learn and work harder for better grades. I think that she is trying to teach kids to have grit so, they have a good future .Grit is not afraid to get the answer wrong and striving to do better. I want grit so that I can get a good job. I am not sure if i have grit or not. But I really want grit so that I can do good in school and get a good job. I will work and strive harder to get grit.

Where do good ideas come from?
Good ideas come from hunches.And then you have to figure out how to make systems to come together and turn in to something bigger then both of their parts.And mingling and swapping ideas with each other.

What is next in 3-D printing?

3-D printed engine is being tested right now and will save fuel. Another thing that will be made with 3-D
printing is the block phone.You can 3-D print edible food that is very nutritious.

Renewable energy?

It will be not expensive . And it will be accessable. They are make solar into chemical energy.