Cradle to cradle
This video tells that Austria is really good at recycling paper. The main idea of this video is to present a new idea to the world on how to make recycling more efficient without damaging the environment. This is pretty tough considering that only 60% of the pulp can be recycled. The best examples of this is simply demonstrated by nature.

I think that this is a really good idea because the cradle to cradle method's goal is to put more items in cycles. This could greatly impact our future and help us to change the whole way that we treat the environment. For example, we could recycle more items that today, we could not recycle. This could also potentially increase the planets lifespan of our planet and increase way of life. This is what I think of the Cradle To Cradle system.

Team work
"Everyone was smart and curious, and they had a lot in common"
If your team is smart and curious you can brainstorm and get good ideas quicker.
"In Silicon Valley, software engineers are encouraged to work together, in part because studies show that groups tend to innovate faster, see mistakes more quickly and find better solutions to problems. "
If you can correct errors and find solutions, you will finish your project quickly and ethically.
"But all the team members speak as much as they need to. They are sensitive to one another’s moods and share personal stories and emotions."
This helps so that none of the team members are left out and they can share ideas.
‘‘Teams are more effective when everyone is friends away from work.’’
If they are friends away from work, they can relate to each other and have fun.
First, on the good teams, members spoke in roughly the same proportion, a phenomenon the researchers referred to as ‘‘equality in distribution of conversational turn-taking.’’
This helps so that one person on the team is not doing the work and everyone gets to contribute.
Every day, between classes or after dinner, Rozovsky and her four teammates gathered to discuss homework assignments, compare spreadsheets and strategize for exams
These quotes show how the keys to working together and building a good team.

How do solar panels work?
What is light? - Flow of tiny particles called photons shooting from the sun
  • What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules? - Some areas get more solar energy than others
  • What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy? - Businesses lobby to maintain the status quo
  • What are most solar cells made from? - Silicon
  • Does an electron have a positive or negative charge? - Negitive
  • How long can solar cells last? - Decades
  • Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts? - 1/2 volt
  • How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells? - 15-20% efficient
  • How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid? - 1 billion

Google Sketch up - Block #1

Where good ideas come from:
Steven Johnson explains that good ideas and breakthroughs come from little hunches along the way. To have this great idea, it need time to sit and wait till the time is right. He also explained that when they take form in the hunch state they need to collide with other ideas to form one great one. My opinion on this is I think that he is right. For example, when the world-wide web was created, it consisted of many side projects such as a place to store your files. I like that he says that some ideas need a lot of time to rest or "incubate" so that they can come into a good breakthrough.

What's next in 3D printing:
Avi Reichental tells us how he can use 3D printers to make almost anything and out of any material. He tells about the possibilities of 3D printing such as making food with a printer or having sunglasses exactly measured to fit your specific face. In my opinion I think that this video could provide us with many advantages in the future. For example like in the video, if you go to the store and by regular sunglasses, they might later appear too small or too big for your face. Now with 3D printing, you can make stuff that you wouldn't dream would be possible, everything from printed candy to custom sneakers.

Can 100% renewable power the world:
The video tells us that we use 35 billion barrels of oil a year. At that rate, we would run out in 50 years and run out of coal in a little over a century. If we used abundant solar energy, wind, and water we could have almost everything we need to fuel our everyday lives. I think that this is a good idea. First of all, we could use solar energy to fuel everything from electricity in our houses to lights and power in our businesses. There are some bad sides though. When building these power lines, the length of the wires would lose an average of 6-8% of energy it should be transporting.

Grit summary:
I thought that Angela Lee Duckworth gave a very moving speech. She gave her life story and told how she studied kids and predicted which students would fail or dropout. She told that grit was perseverance and that we need to keep working even if we fail, it would be a lesson learned. I thought that her speech was great. I thought this because people around the world could use her methods and use them for other students so that they could improve. Also, her speech could help students have grit and persevere even if they failed. I believe that I have grit because I always work on playing basketball to get better. This will help me in my life. For example, if i get a bad grade on a test I can know that if I persevere and have grit I can change that and improve. This was my summary on Angela Lee Duckworth's speech.