Gugler* goes Cradle to Cradle - That's How Nature would Print.

Summery -
Gugler* is the first printing company worldwide, which succeeds in developing a printing product which is certified according to the cradle to cradle standard. In the video they talk about how even when people recycle only 60% is really able to be recycled, and 40% is still turned into a toxic sludge. They begin to talk about how nature is the best example of a cradle to cradle recycler. This can be show by trees, when the seasons are changing trees loss there leaves, which causes seeds and other healthy minerals back into the soil which can fertilize the tree and plants around it or grown a new tree with the seeds in the leaves and berries from the tree.
Opinion -
I think this video has great ideas, I think the overall cradle to cradle recycling is a perfect way to help save valuable resources on our planet. I think this video relates to our solar cars in many ways. For example when we began to make our cars you explained how just about every part we used to make our JSS chassis will be reused or recycled. At first I was very spectacle that it was possible but we have started talking about taking them apart and I'm amazed. You reuse all the motors, wheels, axis's, etc. And your are able to recycle the cardboard we used to make the chassis out of. Which is everything we used making this entire project reusable just like how cradle to cradle recycling is. That is how I think cradle to cradle recycling relates to out solar cars.

Team Work

This is what it is like building a great team as a collage student

"She had worked at a consulting firm, but it wasn’t a good match."
"Then she became a researcher for two professors at Harvard, which was interesting but lonely."
"Maybe a big corporation would be a better fit.Or perhaps a fast-growing start-up."
"All she knew for certain was that she wanted to find a job that was more social. "

" She applied to business schools and was accepted by the Yale School of Management."

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How do solar panels work

    1. What is light? - The flow of tiny particles called photons.

    2. What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules? - Solar energy is unevenly distributed across the planet. Solar energy is also inconsistent because of places that get less sun, and cloudy days.

    3. What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy? - One of the major political factor in solar energy is the funding. Also businesses that work off of energy to make the world work, like coal or oil.

    4. What are most solar cells made from? - silicon

    5. Does an electron have a positive or negative charge? - Negative

    6. How long can solar cells last? - Many decades

    7. Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts? - 0.4 - 1.8 volts per silicon cell.

    8. How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells? - 15 - 20 % efficient.

    9. How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid? - About 1 Billion

Google Sketchup Block #1

Orthographic view of an object

7C8Kaitlyn K block 1.jpg
Block 1

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Grit is Passion and Perseverance

Summary -

This video is about grit. Grit is passion and perseverance. Angela Lee Duckworth and her fellow workers put people to the test to see if they had grit by putting them in hard situations. For example they put rookie teachers in difficult neighborhoods to see who lasted till the end of the year.

Opinion -

I think grit is a very important but difficult trait to have. persevering through hard situations is not easy, which we see through every day life. Also in the video I love how they put many different types off people to the test in many different situations to truly find if someone has grit or not.

Conclusion - I think I have grit, because I personally hate giving up. Like if I try something and I didn't get it really quickly I will continuously do it until I get it right or good. I do want grit in my life because I could see it getting me through tough situations in life. If its not liking your boss at work or struggling with a subject in school.

Where good ideas come from

Summary -

This movie is all about new ideas and how they are made or created. For example it talks about how most people have half an idea, so they then combined ideas to reach for a final product. It also tells the viewers about how long it takes to fully achieve an idea, for instance the idea of the world wide web took about 10 years to fully create.

Opinion -

I think this is a very good and helpful video because it shows that ideas do not always just pop fully into your brain, many ideas take months, or even years. I really like how they used examples like the world wide web because it gives the viewer a big understanding of how long and hard making a big full idea is. I also like how they showed how there are many different parts to an idea, like how many large ideas were made with parts of many people's ideas.

3D Printing

Summary -

This movie is all about 3D printing and how it will affect the future. For example the movie shows how they can 3D print items like food, shoes, medical structures and many other items. It also talks about how some people think 3D printing will replace their jobs. While other people believe it is the start of a new era of jobs, food, and medical breakthroughs.

Opinion -

I think 3D printing is great. I think 3D printing is a good thing because it will give many people new meanings of life, by them getting the abilaty to walk or to function properly. I also think it is a good thing because it shows people a whole new section of inventing, for example you could come up with an idea that is life changing and print it out in about a hour. This is why I think 3D printing is a good thing.

Can renewable energy power the world?

Summary -

This movie is all about renewable energy and how we should try to find ways to use it to power the earth. In this movie it talks about how difficult it is to do this because of how inefficient it may be. For example liquid fuel is the main power source of things like cars. It also talks about probable solutions like superconductors.

Opinion -

I think using renewable resources to power the earth or at least some of the worlds uses is a great idea. I think this because the earth is already so polluted and anyway we ca attempt to save it should be done in my mind. I think if we can find things that can be power by wind and the sun we should use it also to
consolidate the amount of oil we have left so we can use it for things that only oil can power so we can have specific items for a linger period of time.