What is Cradle to Cradle?

This is a video that explains how science and technology is getting more smart/ advanced as the years come. This video explains the difference of waste and recycled material. People are become more aware of what the waste and where people choose to put waste. Waste is causing air pollution, is harmful for the environment, and is not good for the atmosphere. Waste is trash or left over "stuff" that people choose to throw away poorly.

This video has to do with our solar car making because our cars are mostly made out of recyclable materials... when we took about our cars everyone made sure to sort all of the pieces, before throwing away anything.

Team Work

"Study groups have become a rite of passage at M.B.A. programs, a way for students to practice working in teams and a reflection of the increasing demand for employees who can adroitly navigate group dynamic"

"One of her favorite competitions asked teams to come up with a new business to replace a student-run snack store on Yale’s campus."

"Today, on corporate campuses and within university laboratories, psychologists, sociologists and statisticians are devoting themselves to studying everything from team composition to email patterns in order to figure out how to make employees into faster, better and more productive versions of themselves"

"In Silicon Valley, software engineers are encouraged to work together, in part because studies show that groups tend to innovate faster, see mistakes more quickly and find better solutions to problems."

"In 2012, the company embarked on an initiative — code-named Project Aristotle — to study hundreds of Google’s teams and figure out why some stumbled while others soared."

I got these quotes from this website:

  • What is light?
  • The flow of tiny particles shooting out from the sun, called photons.
  • What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules? The major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules are that solar energy is unevenly distributed across the planet. It is also inconsistent.
  • What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy?The major social and political barriers to using solar energy is that businesses are lobbying to maintain the status quo.
  • What are most solar cells made from?
  • silicon
  • Does an electron have a positive or negative charge?
  • negative charge
  • How long can solar cells last?
  • for about half of decade
  • Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts?
  • 1 half of a volt
  • How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells?
  • 15-20% more efficient
  • How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid?
  • over a billion people

Google sketchup- Block 1

7C8StellaD Block1.jpg
Block #1

Orthographic View Of an Object.

Orthographic View Sketch

TED Talk

This TED talk is about a 27 year old woman, who left her job being a teacher in New York. She left her job because she believed that every child/student should have GRIT in there learning ways. GRIT is when you believe in yourself, have stamina, and have had passion and perseverance for long- term goals. I think I have grit because I never give up on my homework, and school work, and I always keep trying even if the task im trying to complete is hard or difficult.

Where Good Ideas Come From

This video is about Steve Johnson, as he talked about Where Good Ideas Come From. Steve for the past five years have been trying to figure out or investigating the question where good ideas come from and how people get them or achieve them. He believes that good ideas can come from imagination or even just being creative. There are a lot of ways Good Ideas Come and go. Steve also believes that when we have good ideas, someone else or yourself could always in prove on them or make them better. Good Ideas is the ability to each out to people and connect with there ideas.

Personality I think good idea's are thoughts, or opinions that a single person has. I think Good Ideas come to a person when they are organized, creative, and even when your not thinking about it you may have a good idea too! I think when ideas come and go, these ideas have been shared among the people around them. Which is why some ideas don't last very long, or they do. Usually when ideas go, it means that these ideas have been tried out or shared. I believe when someone has a good idea they should share it, and get feedback on what other people think before they exceed with it.

Whats Next in 3-D Printing

This video is about Avi Reichental, who talked about 3-D printing and how it will change the way people live. 3-D printing is the action or process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. Avi talks about how 3-D printing will impact our future in good ways, and how it will impact the way we live. He explains how machinery will be less popular in a couple years because of 3-D printing will be so popular. When you 3-D print you can make almost everything, even food! Avi described how his father was a cobblor, and his father manufactured shoes which ment he used machereny to priduce shoes. Avi then went on to explaining how he was just like his father manufacturing "stuff", exept in a new and different wasy then his father used to do it.

I think that at least by 2030 3-D will have a major part in our world. People will start to realize how easy it is to just print something and there it is... some they don't have to go to the stores. Which will cause the businesses to fall/ decline in bussiness. In a few years there will be 3-d printed organs for people who need a organ donor. This will cause peoples lives to change, then the rest of the world to not be to behind that.

Can 100% renewable energy power the world

This lesson/Video is about trying to use more of the renewable rescoures on Earth, and less of the oils. This lesson states that humans use 35 billion barrils of oil every year! I think thats alot of oil for humans to use in just one year. To prevent this and to use less oil and use resources like the the sun, wind and water would be more efficant for the Earth so we dont use all of the oils up. this video also explains why we should use less oils because we have used up 40% of the Earths oils, and oil is also polluting the Earth. In about 50 years the Earth is expected to run out of oils, and in 100 decades there is expected to be no more coal left on the earth, which means no gas, no coal mining. This is also other reasons we should use abundint readources like the sun, wind, and water, this means we wont ever run out of these resources as long as the Earth is still thriving

I Think we should stop using more and more of oil and coal. I think that because soon in 50 years there will be no more oil left in the Earth, and then we wouldn't know how to power cars or use electric.