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Think and act positive, always try your hardest, and help others. This class is about imagination, creativity, curiosity, problem solving, engineering, sustainability, design, and hands-on activities.

7th Grade Daily NotesClick here

Grading Overview/Absence Procedures
Most activities in these classes follow rubrics and can be found on the pages listed on the right. If a student is not able to complete the assignment by the due day because of absence or other need, it is the student's responsibility to approach the the teacher about makeup. A zero will be recorded in the grade book until the work is turned in. 80% credit will be given to those who take the effort to complete the work -outside of class time - and turn it in. Credit will be given until the very last day of the term.

postItNote.jpgIf a student is absent, they will be given the appropriate amount of time to complete the assignment. Click here for LBMS' attendance policy. For homework assignments, if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent the assignment from being complete, a note or an email from a parent is required within 24 hours of the due date.

Late work: To turn in work to be re-graded, students should fill out their name, period, and what they'd like to be graded on a post-it note (found on my desk) and put it on my computer keyboard. (I'm sure not to pass that up, yes?)

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